Bull and Bear or Morimoto Asia

We will have only one free night for a nice meal. Deciding between Bull and Bear or Morimoto Asia. We are not worried about price. I personally am leaning towards Bull and Bear but having a slight dress code is the only reason i’m looking at other options. if anyone has a recommended for a must eat location that they prefer over Bull and Bear or Morimoto Asia we are open to suggestions. We Are Staying At the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

I have never been to either but from what I have seen my vote is definitely bull and bear. If you are staying there then it’s even more convenient. That dining experience looks incredible.

@Ericaleah, Yes i changed my reservation from hilton Lake buena vista disney springs and booked Waldorf Astoria because of all the good reviews for Bull and Bear. We are a family with 2 young children and with places that have dress codes most guest are not to fond of seeing children under the age of 4 showing up during their dining.

I stayed at the Waldorf last time I was at WDW. We never ate at the Bull & Bear, but I did notice how dressed up everyone was that was going in. There was a huge conference there when we stayed, and I suspect that the restaurant was filled up with conference VIPs. We did eat at Morimoto’s and enjoyed it. We liked Jaleo better (also at Disney Springs). The sampler menu was the best food we had the entire week, and we ate at some great restaurants. My kids weren’t with me on this trip. But I did notice that there were very few kids at the Waldorf. Still it is Disney… I wouldn’t let the fact your kids are with you, stop you from doing what you want. If you go to Bull & Bear, I’d love to hear your review @kauaiian99

My kids really enjoyed Morimoto’s. It was our family’s favorite meal of our trip. Kids were 5 and 10 at the time.

I decided I am going to go to Bull and Bear on my upcoming trip instead of Monsieur Paul. Since illuminations is late on Saturday I still have time to leave Epcot, go to the Waldorf for dinner at 6 and make it back in time.
I think if you really want to try it you should.

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Bull and Bear, absolutely no hesitation in recommending it. Had one of the most memorable meals ever there. It’s sublime. Do it!

@CincyJen123. Did you see any children in the Bull and Bear. Im going with a 5 year old and 1 year old. I checked and children are allowed. just wondering how many people actually bring their young kids. Thanks

I did see children! Just one family though, with maybe an 8 year old and an infant. Also, please don’t worry about the dress code too much. I wore capris with dressy sandals and a semi-dressy summer blouse and felt comfortable. The staff is amazing and your worries will melt away when you’re seated. Mmmm just thinking about that meal makes me smile. The “fried chicken” is unforgettable!

We’ve been to both. Bull & Bear is definitely a far more upscale experience without being stuffy - the food is amazing and service superb. Given the choice I would go for B&B every time (and I love Morimoto).

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I think this is a great choice. Our one Monsieur Paul experience was pretty blah, especially considering how excited we were about it.