Building a Light Saber

I am just now realizing that reservations are recommended for building your own lightsaber. We are coming down Feb 14-21. Any tips on how to get this accomplished for my 15-year-old DD?;entityType=activity-product/search/ I would say to Keep checking this page and scoop up the first opening you can get.

Looks like it’s booked up right now, but good luck!!

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Save $215 and forget the place. Remember once you leave WDW whose going to care about your $215 Lightsabor? Kind of like buying a wand at Harry Potters place in Universal. Once your home it becomes just a fancy $55 stick.

To each their own - I had an awesome time building one with my son, it’s cool looking and we have it on display in his room. We both like to play around with it too and since we enjoy building things, we sometimes take it apart and put it back together just for fun

If you are a SW fan, the product is something I’d actually expect to pay $150-200 for even without the experience, its not like a typical plastic toy by any means. The experience itself is fun and well done, it might only take 10 minutes but for us it was worth it.

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Yes you are right though I personally wouldn’t buy one at that price. Then again I am not a Star Wars fan. Have bought other items though that were spendy to say the least.

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