Builder's guest at Savi's Workshop and Droid Academy

I read that one guest is allowed to accompany a paying builder of a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop or a droid at Droid Academy. Would anyone know if the accompanying guest has to pay the building fee in order to enter the attraction? How does it work?

How can I get to be a builder’s guest? Do I have to ask someone before I get in the line, or stand in the line and hope for the best once I get to the front?

I read it as being free for the guest. In a lot of cases this would be a parent with their child, which they’d have to allow.

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I don’t think this applies to the droid academy. I saw video where someone just walked in and watched.

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We did not build a lightsaber, but my youngest did build a droid.

It was empty by the time we went, no line, no crowds, and they let all 4 of us be together for the building and activation of my sons droid.

Some photos:

It was really fun! Very very well done and worth the cost IMO. We also bought a resistance personality chip.

He’s going to pop it in his backpack on our next visit. (Although for some reason the kids aren’t on the reservation my husband made for the 11th, so I’m going to have to call I guess :woman_facepalming:t3:)


That looks like so much fun for your family!

We also didn’t build a light saber because for that it did seem that they had a hard cut-off of 1 person accompanying a paying builder. When I was taking one kid to the bathroom, my husband tried to ask a cast member what the light saber line was for & as advertised (keeping the entrance under wraps & mysterious), the CM told him it was a “junkyard” which is the cover for the workshop to protect it.

As for the droids, there was always a line to build a droid that fed into the register where you purchase the custom droid & then get the basket to go collect your parts but anyone was free to walk in the multiple entrances and there was no need to wait in line if just purchasing accessories or any pre-built droids.

ETA: We (family of 5) got into the line to build just 1 droid, ended up not being able to choose between the R-series or BB-series and so let the 2 older kids each build a droid (the 3rd one is only 2 & was napping in his stroller through the whole line but woke up in time to help activate the droids at the end). It was an awesome experience & I am so glad we picked doing 2 droids over a light saber (although we do really want to eventually get a light saber or 2 or 3).