Buggy implementation of acquiring Lightning Lanes on customized plans for touring Disneyland

When I try to ‘Evaluate’ my plans, the ‘Obtaining’ Lightning Lane steps are buggy. After I use the acquired Lightning Lane, the software still makes me wait a full 2 hours (from when I acquired it) to acquire the next LL for use and do my subsequent touring step. In reality, as soon as I use the acquired LL, I should be free to grab my next one and immediately go about touring. I’ve copied over a screenshot to clarify what it is that I’m seeing…

You’ll notice that I acquire a LL at 1003 for Space Mt. After using this LL at 1113, I should be able to get another one immediately. However, you’ll notice that when I acquire one for Star Tours at 1140, the software makes me weirdly wait to do anything until 1204 (I assume this is the two hour threshold after acquiring my last LL)


Thank you for taking a look.


Ah, got it. Looking at this. Thanks for the clear explanation.

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As a cross reference, I believe this issue is being tracked at the following post:

New TP with LL Forecasting Question

Len indicates that it should be addressed in the very near term.

@len were you able to get this fixed? I am still having the issue when I ‘Evaluate’.

Thanks for looking.

It should be resolved as of this morning. Let me know, please.

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Yes, Thanks @len. That issue seems to be corrected from my limited testing.

Woot! Thanks!