Bug Spray?

Hi, will we need to use bug spray at any of the parks? Anyone need it at AK?

WDW is amazingly bug free most of the time. I got a bite once along the river behind POFQ, but otherwise never, not even AK.

I was also amazed at the lack of bugs in the World - even AK monkey ! Maybe we'll all grow a third ear from the secret aerial spraying wink but for now I'm going to enjoy not being a mosquito snack!

Well I think they try lots of natural remedies -- bringing in tons of lady bugs to eat some other bugs, lots of hidden sugar traps for the bees hanging in the trees that you'll see if you start looking closely...

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I got a very bad bite on my last trip which got infected, I noticed it at MK when it was just a tiny bump but may well have got it at AK the day before. That said, it's the only bite I've ever had there and nobody else in our party of 12 got bit so I was unlucky.

You must have been the tastiest in the group! wink Sorry - infected bug bites are the farthest thing from pleasant!!

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Granted, I've never been there in the peak of the summer, but I've never gotten a bug bite that I can remember in one of the parks. I can go out into by back yard and get half a dozen in an hour...

Where are you staying? Mosquitoes love me, but I was never bothered by then in the parks. However I got swarmed in the evenings sitting outside at AKL & at the resort bus stops.

Usually go in spring and have not had issues with bugs. You could do those bracelet things as an easier alternative to lugging bug spray around the park

Off makes disposable wipes that are easier to carry around than spray. I bring them, but I don't think I've ever had to use them.

Lol - maybe you have better bug repellent bracelets than the ones I bought for my DS's canoe trip - instead of discouraging the bugs, he said the mosquitoes were actually landing on the bracelets! He wasn't impressed with my purchase! wink

We got a couple of bites each but none enough to bring bug spray. More annoying were the flies at the AKL pool, one of my very few criticisms of the resort

The only time I really needed bug spray was when we were watching the night movie on the beach at the GF.

Surprisingly no. Here's one reason why: http://thedisneyblog.com/2011/06/03/disney-uses-test-chickens-to-help-control-mosquitoes/

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I'll never know because there really weren't any bugs to be scared off!

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In all our trips only once have we gotten any bug bites. Staying at POR and stupidly took the boat to DTD at dusk, that night we had bites showing up. We should have known better.

Thanks, I'm staying at POR and am planning to take the bus back from DTD in the evening so I'll pack some.

I'm a mosquito magnet and only time I've ever gotten bit is on the Pagani trail at AK. Two separate times, so if you're going to bring it, I'd bring on AK day.

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