Buffets/All You Can Eat and klepto-carryout

Last year at Boma, I was able to grab a few danish-type items and throw them into my bag in a ziploc before leaving our dining table. Does anyone else do this? I think we are not supposed to…Also wondering if anyone gets away with this at somewhere like Garden Grill. If you ask for a doggy-bag, they will say they don’t allow it, but what if you had a huge chunk of that delicious cinnamon bun left…would you hide it away in your bag?

For a buffet, if they would allow it, then people would purposely grab a bunch of food they didn’t intend to finish, but already sampled, and then ask for a doggy bag.

In light of that, it sounds like any form of taking food from the restaurant…even food you started, but didn’t finish…would technically violate their policy (and rightfully so, I think). As such, I wouldn’t do it.

I am generally not a fan of taking food from buffets but I would absolutely take any pastries left on my table - half eaten or otherwise - with me (and I did this on our recent trip - brought in ziplocks for this purpose). No shame as it would have gone to waste anyway.

But no, I wouldn’t ask for a doggie bag or do something egregious like ask for more of something just to bag it to go.

I might take something that I had got intending to eat there and then but decided I was too full. I wouldn’t get food I knew I wasn’t going to eat for the sole purpose of taking it for later.

At GG they gave us big takeout drinking cups with lids and let us fill them with mac and cheese for the kids to go. That’s partly I think because they took pity on us, because the mac and cheese went untouched as DS4 was busy talking to the characters the whole time. We also took the danishes at the BOG breakfast in ziploc bags that we brought!

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I’m going to be honest here, and tell you that we did this last year at our GG bfast. I think at Garden Grill, it’s a little different. They automatically bring out a cinnamon roll, a bowl of fruit, and the entire plate of hot food. It is all you can eat, but we knew ahead of time that even our family of 4 couldn’t finish everything they were going to bring out. So we brought some small ziploc tubs to take the rest of our cinnamon roll and our fruit with us.

We never asked for seconds, and I think it would be wrong to ask for seconds with the only intention of taking it with you. But in our situation, we knew the firsts wouldn’t be finished. And if we didn’t take it with us, they can’t reserve it…it would be thrown out. So I saw no issue in taking it.

Now an actual buffet similar to H&V would be a different story.

I agree, it’s different where the food will be thrown out if you don’t take it.

We were given a takeout container at the Bon Voyage breakfast, I’m almost certain. I think it was the server who suggested it. It’s like GG where they automatically bring you a whole tray of pastries in addition to your entrees. It was way more food than we could reasonably finish, and it would have gone to waste otherwise.

I’m sure it won’t go to waste. They’ll just put in on a new platter for the next table!:wink:

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I usually don’t eat breakfast and DD6 might not touch her food if she is too excited with the characters. We usually have empty containers in our diaper bag and put all the food we did not eat. I feel no shame at all. We are already paying a lot of money for all that food to go to waste. If I fancy an extra pastry or two from the bar I will stand up and get it.

What I definitely will not do is pile up a sky high plate beyond what we would normally eat and stuff it in a bag.

I took pastries with us from Holywood and Vine. I also took food back to the hotel at a dinner show. I bought plastic bags for this purpose.

I wonder if you can take some sweets home from the HEA dessert party. I read that at the Star Wars dessert party you are given a box of treats to take home. Is this the same at HEA? We will be going to the after fireworks party in August.

At HEA, it is absolutely allowed to take stuff extra along with to eat during the FW, assuming you are at pre HEA party. I didn’t really think the food would survive the hot summer night, so I never really took much with me though.

We attended the after party last summer and we were encouraged to take food with us by the CMs.

Thanks for responding, folks. Glad I am not alone. And btw, I wasn’t ever insinuating that I would load stuff onto my plate or ask for seconds just so I could haul some loot away. Just think it is such a sin to leave good (expensive) food behind that will get tossed.


I would never grab extras for the express purpose of taking it with me at a buffet. I always tried to explain to the kids you can just make more trips with smaller quantities so that there is less chance of you taking more than you can eat. I will admit sometimes even I, with the best of intentions, take a bit too much. I absolutely have occasionally taken a very small amount one of us just could not finish. We are talking perhaps 1 cookie or a chicken strip at most here, though.

Thanks! We will be leaving right after so it’s practical to to take something with us. Were you given a container to take the food home at the HEA after dessert party>

We were not given a container (but we didn’t ask either). We put a few things in the to go coffee cups.

Good to know. Since it’s encouraged to take some things I will be sure to bring a container (or two). Thanks for the info!

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If this is the place to confess, I put the gummy bears that my kids got but I didn’t want them to eat all of in a kids cup with lid to take with us from 1900 Park Fare.