Buffet prices

I’m very confused about buffet prices. We’re not getting the dining plan. We are doing a lot of TS (Garden Grill, Tusker House, Liberty Tree Tavern and maybe Akershus) restaurants. I have added and re-added our food costs at least 50 times. But, as I’m looking at Touring’s menu prices, I’ve noticed they are significantly less than I was planning (NOT complaining if that’s the case, lol, but…). For instance, we are eating dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. For me, DH, DD15 and DD11 I was planning on $60/person since that was the high price on Disney’s menu. I just assumed the high price was for an adult dinner. However, Touring has the Liberty Tree Tavern dinner priced at $36/person. Someone help me…I just really want to know what to expect.

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I saw this posted earlier by @PrinciplaTinker and I had it still opened.



The prices change also depending on what time of year it is also. Slow time cheaper prices, at least that is what I read somewhere.

The buffet prices vary for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also vary according to the time of year, with peak pricing for Christmas, Easter etc.

So I’m not sure if I’d be trusting any site that only gives one price.

That said, it does seem like TP’s price is on the low side. Tagging @len - how often do the prices get updated on TP?

Thanks for the link! That was helpful! Some of those prices were higher, but some lower, so it looks like we’ll average out.

I forgot to mention we’re going in June.

When in June? We will be there from the 26th-30.

Have they gone back to seasonal pricing for the buffets? I didn’t recall seeing it for the last two years.

Oh! I just assumed they had continued. We were there over New Year 2 years ago, and I’m sure there was seasonal pricing then. Maybe not?

June 20-25!

I’ll check again. I thought they’d stopped it 2 years ago. I remember checking for the book updates, and didn’t see anything that mentioned it.

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Just going to miss you.

It really depends on what time of the year. The most expensive is usually December 20th - the 1st of January.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the mouse. LOL. I must say we do love that time of year. We have gone during the Christmas holiday, for the past 17 years.