Buffet prices now listed

I just noticed that the prices for buffets and character meals are listed when you click on the menu. It’s great because everyone was always asking. But wow is it sticker shock!


On MDE or TP?

It is on MDE, at the top of menus tab.
I wonder if the prices change and are higher during holiday season…

What I see on MDE and website is same as ever (range listed). TP’s info seems slightly out of date as the breakfast price is below Disney’s listed low end of the range.


Oh! In that view. Ok.

As @eug2506 asks I wonder if the pricing changes for your search date. Otherwise this could still be misleading and unhelpful. If you happen to look in low season but are there in high season you’ll still have sticker shock.

I saw the prices on this screen. Don’t think they were here before.

I thought they stopped the holiday pricing two years ago?

I noticed this yesterday! It’s so handy!

It’s still a range though. Surge pricing not unlike the hotel rooms.

I think they are saying that the ranges are just a general statement these days?

Ah. See. Also misleading.

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Yeah, that range is the same at CRT and GG but CRT adds an “over $60” statement. It seems to avoid saying the price.

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But I wonder now that Hera a set price what exactly that means. Interesting and confusing.