We love F&W but this year our dates ended up so the first full day in orlando is nov 12th which is LAST day of food and wine. TP predicts crowd level of 9!
will it be so crazy it won’t be enjoyable?
We always do Epcot so the kid (almost 6) can meet her beloved Elsa and Anna (and for us to do F&W)
what is your experience/advice? yea or nay?
wait til a diff day?

So, last day of Food and Wine is on a Monday? Interesting. I know that they get busy on weekends. Mondays should be better. I don’t like crowds, but if I were going to WDW and it was the last day of any festival at Epcot, you can be sure that I would go.

It always gets busier as the night goes on, so I might plan an early day at Epcot, do the booths for lunch and not plan on being there for the night/illuminations. Locals will probably show up after work, I wonder if the rides would be impacted or just the booths/feeling of crowdedness?

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This is a good plan.

I have to say that Epcot handles crowds so much better than the other parks, too.

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