Budgeting time for QS meals?

How much time do you generally budget in your TP for quick service meals?

45 minutes. If no mobile order I’d add a little more time.

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Same, generally 45 minutes.

We allowed 30, but were generally done closer to 20 - except at Sleepy Hollow while the parade was passing by and at BoG, which is a special case. Even those were sub-40 though so 45 should certainly be an OK upper limit.

Got it. And TS is more like 90, right?

I generally do 15 minutes for QS, 30-40 minutes for TS breakfast or lunch, 60-90 minutes for TS dinner. but i’m usually solo so YMMV.

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I always do 60 for TS and it has been plenty but this year the only ones we got out of in 60 mins were the character meals. Everything else was 80-90. So yes, budget 90!

This is a good point. I have two kids who are slow eaters compared to their peers. 45 minutes is usually more than we need for QS, but sometimes we use all that time. So definitely take your group composition into consideration.

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Yes my kids eat like snails. I also build in a bathroom break.

Having not spawned i am oblivious to the way of the toddler but my oldness requires i think about bathroom breaks when making my plans!

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I usually plan 60 minutes for QS and 90-120 for TS. It’s always been more than enough time, but I don’t like to feel like I have to rush through my meal to get to the next step on my touring plan. This way I’m ahead of schedule!

I do 60 minutes for QS and 90 for TS. I’d rather have planned too much time than too little! Meals build in a “buffer” on our schedule.

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For QS, it probably took us about 45 minutes, including pre and post bathroom breaks, but we were traveling with a 3 year old and a one year old.

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