Budget Touring & Traveling: Saving Savvily in WDW

List and ask about your favorite budget savvy tips and tricks here.

After paying for your quick service meal, check your receipt - it may have a discount good for later use. (20% off, for example, on future QS meals.)


Ask for a free cup of ice water at any CS location! Bring your own flavour drops if you want to zazz them up a bit! :slight_smile:


Bring your own food/lunch/snacks to the parks. I love WDW for letting us do this! Saves our family a ton of money. Then we can treat the kids to Dole Whips with no pain.

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Split counter service meals. We also find that we don’t eat three meals a day. We tend to eat a quick breakfast in the room (banana/yogurt) then eat a large snack (can you say, Sleepy Hollow Waffle) and generally make it until dinnertime (sometimes a snack in the afternoon.)

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We split all of the time. Get to try more restaurants that way, too.

It’s wonderful that WDW lets you bring lunch, & we will have a stroller, but any ideas on how to do it without an ice chest? I thought I read you could not bring in an ice chest?

Moving to Deals and Money…

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@Gin2324 - Coolers are allowed within certain guidelines. Restricted item include: •Suitcases, coolers or backpacks with or without wheels larger than 24" (61 cm) long x 15" (38 cm) wide x 18" (46 cm) high. Coolers required for medication may be stored in a locker or at Guest Relations.


We often carry snacks in our backpacks. During summer months, individual frozen bottles of water work well to keep things cool, and then…drink them!

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Biggest money saver for us is free dining! We also buy gift cards using the target red card to get 5% off and use that to pay off our trip and for spending money.

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At resort food court meal comes with a drink we got a bottle of water and saved it for the park. Just use your refillable cup with your meal

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We pack boxes of cereal and buy milk in the food court at POP. Also pack bag of apples/snack foods for park days. Also instead of buying more pricey souvenirs we buy some on sale before we go and then surprise the kids with them.

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We used Garden Grocer to have Breakfast foods delivered directly to our room. Then had breakfast in the room each morning. Saved $$$ and time for our family of 5. Some ate while others used the shower so we could all be ready for RD.

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I bought disposable ponchos from dollar store for one dollar each for all the adults. used stroller cover for the double stroller, so didnt need to find small ponchos for the toddlers. worked out fine, since toddlers were happy to stay in stroller whenever raining, then popped out for ride, ressie etc. we never encountered heavy rainfall, since rested in afternoons.

past years we’d buy ponchos at disney, 8. each for 4 people that can add up. then I’d bring them home and they’d just land up getting thrown out in the end.

the disposables worked out fine, had 2 set aside for each adult, actually were able to reuse the original. also liked that they were so lightweight in suitcase.

they didnt look as fashionable as the more expensive ones but used them so infrequently, wasnt a big deal. besides, how fashionable is a plastic poncho anyways.

saving 30. or so isnt such a big deal, but every 30. or 50. or whatever savings start to add up.