Bucket List

I am creating a bucket list for the parks. DD 7 and DS 3. I am talking about everything: snacks, meals, characters, random things…

I do this for every trip, basically a “Activity List” tab in my planning spreadsheet. I include everything we want to do in the parks, resorts, Disney Springs, dining, snacks… It’s great to have everything in the same place. Things (apart from rides) which DD5 wants every time are campfire at the resort, time at Community Hall, the play areas in the parks and the Coca-Cola bear meet and greet at Disney Springs (she loves that bear!). :joy: Last trip the Hei Hei cone was also a must-do.

I used the Wish List option in MDE last time.

It included things like:

the wishing well
pianist at Casey’s
Dapper Dans

The only things we didn’t do were the Coca Cola Bear @ Disney Springs (completely forgot) and the Main St trolley ride. I think you can mark them as complete - either that or I just kept checking the list.

I just scan in the index from the Unofficial Guide.


How was your makeover at BBB?


I make great lists or put them in the touring plan and STILL somehow forget to do some things!!! We didn’t get to Club Cool this time or to the gift shop in Japan…I mean seriously who does that?although in my defense we did get a bunch of same day Soarin fastpasses😀

So fun! I put a few items like this on each day’s touring plan printout, but I love the idea of making one big list.

They made me look — and feel — like a princess. Then I seduced Flynn Rider.


Back off! He only has eyes for this princess! :wink: