BTMRR Strange FP Availability in June

I am making fp soon for our (hopefully)June trip and noticed on the Dibb that BTMRR is only available in the evenings and some afternoons basically all through 90 days out. Anyone have a guess as to why this is?? Typically you can easily get BTMRR at 60 days in the AM.

I was thinking of cross checking on TP fp availability but that is down too.

That is curious. I can’t come up with a plausible explanation, considering the week before there are afternoons available.

Noticed this when I booked my FPP this week. I had to switch some plans the night before. This is right after the planned refurb, my fear is they are limiting when they bring it back due to only 1 side being available at the start… That is a pure guess on my part.