BTMRR Refurbishment for 2019/2020?

So are we losing BTMRR for a big chunk of 2020? Anyone have any details on this? Did a quick search but didn’t find anything, sorry if I missed it, won’t be surprised if i did.

This is one of our favorite family rides and with a late may 2020 trip, hope it is running.

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Yesterday (or was it Thursday?) was the first mention I’ve heard of it, and I’ve only seen the one announcement so far. It’s one of my favorites, too. Sounds like it will still be open during our November trip (crossing my fingers!) but by January who knows. I hope it’s open again for your trip!


Im going at the end of January; this is a major bummer :frowning:

If it makes you feel any more optimistic, I’ve only read that it’s happening in 2020. I didn’t see any specific mention of January. Hopefully they’ll release more details soon!

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Hmm. Is this a thing? When we went in 2016, BTMRR was closed for refurbishment, so we were excited that out DS9 would finally get to ride it. Why are they refurbishing it again? Hopefully it won’t be closed for May 2020. Will be very disappointed if it is…again!

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It’s still only a rumor at this point. Apparently there are some elements of BTMRR in DL and DL Paris that may be added to the WDW version in time for the 50th.

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Add it later Disney!

The only site I can find reporting this is wdwnt. Any other source? The info on wdwnt is a rehash of something they reported for 2016 that didn’t happen. (Although, 2016 did have a refurbishment.)

Really hope this isn’t true.

I just saw that article and I am already writing it off. They are reporting that the last big refurbishment was 2013, which is completely wrong. We were there in 2016 as well during the refurbishment and it was a major one. We saw track ripped off when we were on the train at the train station in Frontierland. BTMRR had been down for a huge chunk of time. Why would there be a need to do another major overhaul only a few years later? If they want to keep people spread out in the parks so GE and any new attractions are not ridiculously crowded, then they need to stop putting things in refurbishment at the same time.

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I agree. With all the new things coming in the next few years, they should be limiting the refurbs to necessary, put them off until AFTER the bulk of the new stuff is done.

That is all I have found as well… Really hoping it is just rumor.

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Yeah… REALLY hoping it’s just a rumor. It’s my second favorite ride in all of WDW. And DH’s very first trip will be end of January. I don’t know what I’d do if his first trip there didn’t have at least 5-6 rides on BTMRR.

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For now, I’m going to assume it is a rumor.

BUT, it does make me wonder a bigger question. How far out does Disney TYPICALLY announce major refurbishment efforts? Or, put another way, if Disney were to re-do BTMRR at some point, when we would LIKELY know this for sure?

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Usually closer to the 60 days before they plan to close the attraction for refurb. You’ll see people saying they can’t get FPs for it around 60 days and then not long after the refurb is announced. Every once in a while you might get a reliable leak sooner. When I say reliable, I mean TP or some other more accurate blogger will post the information.