BTMRR Closed first week in May 2016?

Putting together my TP’s for May 2016 and everytime I’m planning an MK day it keeps saying that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is closed on that date.
Just wondered if this is true? I have googled and can find all the other rides’ scheduled refurb/down time but haven’t been able to find anything about Big Thunder. This is my fave ride. :frowning:

Nevermind…I found it…

It was scheduled to close about April 2nd for another big refurb. But haven’t seen anything recently

When I google 2016 Refurb’s BTMRR is no longer on any list than I can find as they have been updated. I’m not holding my breath that it will be open in May, and it certainly won’t make or break our trip.
Just wondered though if or when TP would change the availability for adding it to touring plans? At the moment it still says “closed” on my plans.

It is on this list:

This says not currently on official list as of now:

Is it naïve of me to think that Disney can have some of the refurbishments done ahead of the scheduled completion time?

I had seen that it was closed as well and my touring plans still say it’s closed but now that’s the only place I see that it’s closed. On the other hand Disneyland’s website says it’s closed at their location as of Jan 7th. Is it possible that it is only that location that it’s closed? I think this is just my wishful thinking b/c I’m fairly certain that the folks at TP know best!

We’ll be there 4/30-5/6 and would be very happily surprised if it was open. I had seen it listed on the closure page before and just sort of wrote it off for our upcoming trip.

Hey, we could start a “wishful thinking” thread for that week. My list:
Rivers of Light



My wishful thinking rides would be:
New Anna and Elsa Ride


I agree TP is the only place I see it officially listed now. I would take TP’s word over any other site any day. I am just a wishful thinker because it’s my favourite ride.

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My May Wishful Thinking includes:
-Soarin’ (not holding my breath)
-Rivers of Light
-Symphony in the Stars
-The Anna and Elsa ride in Norway (I arrive a couple days after it;s scheduled the open though…so we’ll see what madness will ensue)

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Please, please be open, I am visiting the last week of April and the mountains are favorite rides. I will keep checking to see what happens.

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It’s a Small World is scheduled to be closed during my September trip. While it’s pretty cheesy, I was hoping to let me kids experience it during their first trip down

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Not cheesy at all! It’s a Small World is one of the classics!

I am hoping it will not be closed in May too. I am wondering where TP is getting the refurb list. Does anyone know? Is it straight from Disney?

Man, I hope it’s staying open - but the Disney website is not showing available times as of 4/4/16, which is when TP lists the refurb starting … still, fingers crossed!

We will be there 2nd week of May and I had seen the BTMRR closure on TP too. I will add my wishes that it will be open for you the first week (and for us in the 2nd week!).

I just took another look today and… BTMRR is no longer on the Touring Plans closure list!



Awesome news re:BTMMR. My Disney wish came true…now for soarin and frozen ever after to open early!!

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