BTM at night

What’s the deal with the “after dark” suggestion? I can’t find anything with googling, other than riding during fireworks. The TP blurb says “ride after dark if you can”, and it has the option to put the ride after sunset when you optimize your plan.

I currently have my FP booked for the end of the day on a MVMCP night. (We are not staying for the party.) Twilight starts at 5:30 so I figured we could go just before closing and hope for this “nighttime” experience. But obviously that means giving up same day FP. Is it worth it? I’m beginning to think I should try and move my FP to an earlier time, and then ride standby at the end of the day if we feel like it.

What do you think?

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This is a good plan. I wouldn’t plan a late FPP for BTMRR. If late in the day you can grab a same day, great.

Thank you. I’m going to do that. Is the standby queue worth doing? I’ve read it’s pretty great. It was under refurb the last TWO TIMES we went.

I don’t think there’s anything great about the SB queue. If fpp is available take it.

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There is one neat aspect to the queue and that’s the dynamite controllers. You charge them and then push the hammer and steam and lights happen off in the distance with a blast sound.

It’s not nearly as impressive (and I use the term loosely as is) as the day time. But it is fun for a few minutes.

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I’ve messed with these a lot and never realized they did anything.

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on wait times, and maybe we’ll be able to ride standby without an awful wait.

I don’t feel any standby queue is worth doing amiga. Don’t.


How about standby in the margarita line at Epcot? :grin:

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That becomes more like swaying than standing after a while. Sway by line?


Stagger by

How about swagger by???

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BMT is my fav at night! It’s a pretty tame coaster, but it feels a little wilder at night. I love it! I plan several nighttime rides on BTM every trip :slight_smile:

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