BTDT, would you do DVC again?

Hubs and I have a adult only trip next month, and we’re doing to DVC tour at SS. We have been doing exhaustive DVC research and are aware of many of the recent DVC changes to resale, point values, and the Riviera contract. I am pretty sure we’ve decided NOT to buy DVC and I will list why below. However, I welcome comments / or try to change our minds!

Why we won’t buy:

  1. We live on the west coast and airfare for our family of 5 can double the price of our trips.
  2. We have a cast member relative who can secure a room only reservation around 40% discount (for example: we stayed in a 2bd at CCV in Jan 2018 for 6 nights for about $3600).
  3. Resale restrictions on Riviera give us reason to believe that if we had to resell that the market wouldn’t be as strong as it is now.
  4. We loved our CCV trip, and I love planning them (and I plan ahead!), but availability and changes in our vacation habits might occur as the kids get older.
  5. Cost. I just have this nagging suspicion that I will have MASSIVE buyers remorse.

I would also love to get your thoughts on this question:

If cost is an issue: would you consider buying resale at an original 14 resort or would you recommend buying direct from Disney in order to have that “golden ticket” membership?

If you could do it again: what home resort would you pick and why?

I agree with all of your reasoning on why not to buy. In particular, I do not like the idea of locking down my vacations for the rest of my life - so many places to go, so many things to experience. And as you point out, as your kids age your vacation habits might change.

One other point (which might not apply to you) - DVC is generally regarded as a bad idea if you have to finance the initial purchase.


Totally agree with your points…When our finances were better, we contemplated buying into a time share in Maui (We’re Californians), but talked ourselves out of it because of the restrictions and the feeling you are tied to one type of vacay.

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I don’t regret it, but I think your points are very reasonable ways to think about whether the decision is right for you. On the my recent add-on contract, I did hesitate about the new, possibly less resale value given all the new restrictions on resale going forward. But I don’t intend to sell – I intend to be the most fun Grandma ever and host WDW vacations for my grandkids some day as long as I can.

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I love that! I think without the recent resale changes we would be WAY closer to signing on the DVC contract dotted line. Honestly, if it were Reflections that was selling right now and not Riviera, we might be more attracted since we loved WL and that side of Bay Lake. I wonder now, knowing that our minds are pretty well set, if we should cancel our DVC tour and do something else on our short July trip!

Resale, baby.

They just rolled back yet another “perk” of membership (pool hopping has been restricted further than it was). Perks are not a reason to buy direct as they can be changed or eliminated at any time. If you have other reasons for buying direct, then that might be the way to go. But for us, resale is just fine (at the original 14) :slight_smile:

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Hubs is for sure in the resale camp. Me too, for price, but something about buying direct from Disney gives me some amount of “confidence” but maybe that’s just false entirely!

You’d have to be comfortable with whatever would be in your legally binding contract at the time of purchase. For me, I’m not restricted because my resale contract was purchased before that rule was put in place. If you buy one now, you’re restricted to the original 14. And who knows what they’ll come up with next.

But whatever is in your legally binding contract they are, well, bound to. No differently than anything you would purchase directly from Disney in that regard (though the terms would be different, obvi)

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I’m also a little bit hopeful that sales of Riviera are super slow, and that they receive feedback from prospective buyers who DON’T buy that their holdback is related to the restrictions they are placing on it (for resale). And I’m hopeful that will motivate them to change that policy - because it really devalues Riviera contracts

That’s def where we are — and that would be my feedback!

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Say it loud and say it proud! They need to know!

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I love, I mean it- absolutely love, my DVC. I bought at Copper Creek- was it the smartest thing I have ever done? No. Would I do it again ? Absolutely- no doubt in my mind. When I add again- it will be AKL (yeah- I just added BWI). If you buy, where you buy, how many points- all of these factors are unique to the individual buyers. My points- how I will use them, when I will use them…may be all wrong for you. If you want flexibility and a direct purchase, all of the resorts are available direct from Disney. I was talking to someone at my work today. She just bursting- she just bought Riviera. That was right for her family.

DVC is not right for everyone. I said no for years. I went on tours. When I bought I did it from my home, not after a sales pitch.

Good luck with whatever you decide! Thank you for posting about DVC! I love what everyone has to say about it!



You just added BWI??


So, if you have contracts at multiple resorts, you can transfer your other points if/when needed to book a vacation at that resort at 11 months out, right? I assume that’s the reason for having points at multiple places, or is there some other reason I’m missing?

Points retain their 7/11 month status even if you transfer them. What you can do instead is bank and borrow and stay at a different resort each year.


Lol- very naughty but so very happy!


I actually added BWI and will add AKL to give me more flexibility to stay where I want at 11 months. I love my Copper Creek but it is WORK to book a studio at many times of the year. I can book BWI and AKL at 11 months ( I am that type of planner) easily. This works for me. My husband does not travel with me. I will use my DVC for long weekends throughout the year.

Oh! Since I have the same use year I can also use them at 7 months if my husband actually ever comes through with the Aulani promise…



When will you make first use of those points?

I have to use my 2018 point before next August so we are planning long weekends next May and late September (HHN XXX).

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Your reasons for not buying in are sound. I likely wouldn’t buy in either in your situation. But renting points I’d be open to if your CM contact ever goes away. Nearly all the benefits with none of the restrictions.

If I didn’t have any other DVC contract, I would buy from Disney direct with a small contract. Otherwise from resale.

Yeah, I would likely do it again. If any resort was open, I’d go for BLT for sheer flexibility in being able to leave to a park. For BLT, there’s monorail, bus, walk, and lyft. I still like CC because of the aesthetic -especially during Christmas which is why I got there specifically - and multiple ways to get to the parks (boat and bus) but I’m not loving the lack of availability right now.

Once I get some funds together, and if interest is still there when it happens, I’m thinking I’ll go for a BLT contract.