BSoM mention!

Listened to today’s new episode of Backside Of Magic and @gamusicman was mentioned :slight_smile:
I love hearing my friends’ names on all the podcasts. :slight_smile:


My question was used on Connecting with Walt but Craig called me Larry. Sad times.

ETA: It’s pronounced Lah-ree. It’s a nickname from childhood.


I got a shout-out for leaving an iTunes review.
Let my kids hear it, they got a kick out of it.

That’s a great podcast for tips and tricks to use!


Nice going @gamusicman! I listen to it every Tues but missed this one as it was as snow day (can you believe it?!) for my kids. Needless to say I did not have much spare time. Will listen tomorrow on my way to work.

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I just listened to that episode yesterday while in the dentist’s chair, Larrie!

I got mentioned on Disney Travel Secrets last week :blush:. (My name’s Jessi.)

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I just listened over the break. I had sent that email in back in the beginning of October.

I kind of disagree with the guys. I think that Disney will for sure try to limit the FPP distribution system based on the dates of the tickets…

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I tend to agree with you. In fact it was one of the first thoughts I had when the new system was introduced

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I just listened to my first episode- thanks for bringing it up. Informative & funny!