BRV v CCV: what say you?

Next summer (yes, kill me now, but it’s what works for our family at this time) we intend to split stay, with the latter half of our trip being on the WL campus in a 2BR unit.

I am torn between BRV and CCV.

On the one hand, CCV is in the original building, with the lobby and the nooks and everything else.

On the other hand, BRV was just reno’d, and to a beautiful degree.

In either case I will be requesting a view to the east for sunrise and quiet pool views.

If you were me and both were available when you were able to book, which would you choose and why?


I think CCV might be an issue.


Oh geez.

Thanks for that. I guess that makes it an easy choice.

Although the article says cabins only :thinking:


Yeah, it feels early (especially when others have taken so long).

do you think they’ll do the main villas after the cabins?

I think they are converting the sofas at least .

Tim from DVC News also posted on Disboards that he thinks it will be everything, mainly because it is at 7 years.


I was just wondering how this would happen before AKl. I really want Murphy beds at AKL! We would stay there every time of they had them.

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Assuming there isn’t a refurb happening at the time, do you need the couch/murphy bed as a sleeping surface? If so, BRV all the way.

Looking at the pictures from @LTinNC82 tril report the BRV 1 and 2 bedrooms are so beautiful! It really makes me want to suprise the family with a one bedroom for oir March trip.

Personally BRV never feels disconnected to me because of the covered walkway. It is super close to the buses and right by the quiet pool. It feels way more connected than, Poly or GF (to me).

That said, I have always wanted to stay in CCV!


Depending if the kids bring friends, possibly. That’s a good call out

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I was only there one night in August but I had the same struggle trying to decide. In the end I chose BRV due to the recent refurb and Murphy bed. I loved it there! The covered walkway between the two buildings made it feel connected to me. It seemed quieter back in the BRV area too. Didn’t get a chance to swim in the BR pool, but it looks awesome with the cabana type areas. Close proximity to that would be great. I thought I’d want to be in the main building with CC but wouldn’t hesitate to stay at BR again.


LT’s BRV pics were amazing! I thought CCV were my favorite rooms but now it’s a tough choice.

Having walked the campus this past summer, I agree there’s really not that much difference in distance between the villas and amenities at either resort. Sounds like BRV might be the better option to avoid refurbs.

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Get a cabin! :rofl:


One day absolutely. Just not this year.

And anyway they are being refurbished when I’m
Traveling :rofl:


Having just been in one the other night, I wonder why they are being refurbished before some other places. They are spectacular and not in need of refurb at all. Weird.


Yeah I toured one last year and they are still brand new! Other resorts are more in need


I wonder if they just need a few “amenity” upgrades, like USB ports and more plugs? Since they are swanky, I guess they have to make sure they are the “best”?

But seriously - let’s update AKL so I can go back to making it my “go to” resort.


yes this!


I have some difficulty in keeping the WL DVC straight.

My WL DVC experience is from 2010. So original.

That is one long hallway if you’re at the bitter end as we were. However, I liked that you could get from the DVC to Roaring Fork without getting wet in a downpour.

But that hallway. :confounded:


I just watched videos of both

The aesthetic of CCV is more my style
But the pull out couch vs murphy bed

The balconies of BRV offer zero privacy (I can see all the way down the row!)
But the kitchen of CCV seems tight

Neither one offers great space in the living room for gathering (we are spoiled by couch and lounge chair seating for 6 easily at OKW)

I guess the only solution is to buy another contract :laughing:


Oh no doubt. OKW has epic room

We went from there in 2008 to WL in 2010. :flushed: postage stamp

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