Brunch/Drinks Recommendations

My wife and I will be getting to WDW two days before her family. We are spending the day before they arrive in the parks, and then gonna do a relax day and visit Disney Springs (see Star Wars VR Experience) and the resorts while we wait for them to get into town.

I am asking recommendations for the best brunch places within the resorts. We’ve never stayed on property before, so we have no idea where to look. I’ve been liking the menu items on the Grand Floridian Cafe, but wanted to ask here! My wife is quite partial to Eggs Benedict!

Also, since the parks will be closing early while we are there, I was curious what hotel bars were the most fun to experience after the parks were closed or late in the evening. My family is from the Pacific Northwest, so we have lots of great craft beers and would love to experience local flavors or unique beers.

Thanks all! 7 days away!!

I am a huge fan of the Poly! Kona Café is a wonderful breakfast/brunch option. They had a great take on eggs benedict but it has recently changed and I have yet to try the new version. And Tonga toast too!

Also, Trader Sams is not to be missed for drinks and apps!

You could also do a monorail/boat lounge crawl, start at GF and Mizners. Monorail to MK and then hop a boat to WL and hit either Geyser Point or Territory Lounge, take a boat to Contemporary and have drink at Outer Rim or the bars at either Cali Grill or wave. Finally take the monorail to Poly and finish the night at Trader Sams or Tambu Lounge.

What day of the week? If Sunday, definitely Cali Grill!

If not, Grand Flo Cafe is good!!!

Our brunch day will be Tuesday, February 6th. But the nights that we will be looking to go out after the parks close, or after we’re done exploring Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Center.

I would quite enjoy doing a monorail pub crawl, that would be a blast! My wife and I certainly want to explore the resorts more this time since we’ll have more time with the shorter park hours. We’ve only visited AKL.

The Kona Cafe and the Grand Floridian Cafe have been narrowed down by my wife for brunch since they both serve egg benedict :sweat_smile: I’m leaning more towards Kona Cafe for price, but also can visit Trader Sam’s afterwards while I wait for my in-laws.

keep in mind Trader Sams opens @ 4:00pm and is quiet small so there maybe a wait for seating