Brunch: CG or Narcoosee


You know how it is: you think you have a great plan and then you hear more about another option and BAM you’re busting your plan and making a new one!

My DH and I are going in Sept sans kids. I would like to have a later start on the Sunday we are there and enjoy brunch. I have heard wonderful things about the brunch at Narcoosee (where I already have a 10a.m reservation) AND at CG (where I have res finder looking for me). I am 100% torn over which to choose! I thought I was good with doing CG for wishes the night we arrive and doing Narcoosee brunch that Sunday. But today I saw photos of and from CG brunch and am thinking maybe Disney Springs on arrival night (popping in and out of lounges to our whim’s delight) and taking in CG brunch instead (assuming I snag a ressie).

Which would you do and why???

Not a brunch person, so I have done neither, but in general, I like CG better than Narcoossee’s (but both are very good). But I wouldn’t give up a CG dinner with Wishes for a brunch anywhere. If you already have the CG dinner, and the Narcoossee’s brunch, I would probably keep them.

I haven’t tried Narcossee. I had Sunday brunch last Sunday at California Grill. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I would go with Narcoosee’s. It’s less expensive and the reviews I’ve seen say it’s a lot less crowded. The menu looks really good. It also got Keli’s stamp of approval. I love CG at night I think doing that on arrival and a nice relaxing brunch on Sunday sounds like a great weekend.

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