Bruised Tailbone and cushions on Disney Rides?

I fell last week pressure washing my pool deck and landed on my tail bone on the edge of the pool. In 10 days we’re heading to WDW. While not broken just bruised it hurts like the dickens. Anyone know if the CMs let you sit on a coccyx cushion on any of the rides?

Sorry, that sounds so painful. I hope the pain eases for you before then. I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you sit on the cushion, but who knows. Maybe someone else will know.

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I don’t know, but remember there are some rides where the seat is wet/damp. If you are going to do any of those, you might consider putting it in a plastic bag. Realistically, since you take all your ‘stuff’ with you on rides, they probably wouldn’t say anything to you if you sat on your ‘stuff’. I don’t know about ‘wild’ rides, like Space Mountain or EE, though.


I guess my plan is to put a cushion in a back pack and either sit on the back pack or pull it out if given the chance. I still have 10 days to recover, with steroids and anti-inflammatory meds. I’ll probably get some cortisone shots to get me through it with some strong pain meds as a backup. At least the pool looks good I guess.

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I visited Disney World with a broken tailbone several years ago.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s a very painful injury that takes a long time to heal from, and you don’t want to risk reaggravating it. I think any ride that allows lap sitting for little kids would probably allow the cushion, but I would avoid taking risks. It took me more than a year to really be back to normal.

I injured my tailbone in October 2016 and it’s still not completely better. Sitting for long periods of time is still painful, although of course not as painful as it was. I think I must have broken it, although there’s no way to know for sure. Such a painful injury!

Wish I knew the answer to your question @dsjewell …just take comfort that you’ll be glad to get off the ride and back in line, lol!