Brown Derby or 50s PTC or Sci-Fi?

My family (me, DH, DD10, DD9, DS7 and MIL) will be at DHS 10/9. We are not on the dining plan. Can’t decide between Brown Derby (nice, but pricey), 50s Prime Time Cafe or Sci-Fi Dine In. Kids are picky, but I’ve looked at the menus and they could find something at any of those places. Input greatly appreciated.

Hi! My kids love Sci-Fi and it’s been a must do for 4 trips now. Great milkshakes and food is good.


We loved 50’s Primetime, although we didn’t do it at our last visit. We went when the kids were younger. Loved by everyone and a definite must do again for us. My DH is not a fan of veggies, and the kids want to go there on our next visit so unsuspecting dad gets scolded and can’t have dessert until he eats his veggies!

I’d say SciFi - I like the menu at 50s but I don’t think DS would respond well to the antics.

To be fair, I have not eaten at SciFi, and I last ate at Prime Time sometime not long after the park opened. BUT I love HBD, where I have eaten several times. My DS10 and DD7 like it too. Except for one entree on one occasion, we have had very good food and service there.

I loved SciFi. So cheesy, but so fun! And food was good!

We enjoy all three. We did HBD for my parents, and they loved it. Because of the price, we probably won’t do it again for awhile. I’m torn between the other two. If you like to joke around, and think others in your party would like it, then 50’s is fun (my pot roast was delicious). Sci-fi is so unique. It’s cool and dark, and the old sci-fi movies are funny. I’m sorry I can’t pick for you! We always have a hard time choosing.

Our first trip to SciFi when the kids were younger, they hated it so my experience was not good. However, my husband and I went back a couple of weeks ago and it was one of my favorites experiences and meals! We had a blast. I also love 50s and we’ve done it every trip. People talk about not liking the joking around at 50s, but honestly we’ve never had a waiter that joked around much. I think they do more or less from reading the family. We like a little bit but not the whole huge “experience” and I think they realized that and toned it down.

I haven’t eaten at HBD so I don’t have an opinion about that one…not yet anyway. However, I can say that I have enjoyed both the 50’s Prime Time and Sci-Fi. My DS10 loves both places and they both have good food, but, I prefer the food at 50’s a little more (reminds me of my Granny’s cookin’). If you go to 50’s you must try the Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake! Yummy! :smiley:

We’ve done Sci-fi & 50s several times. Like them both but I’ll give the edge to 50s.

The first time we went to Sci-fi we were surprised by how incredibly quiet it tends to be. The place is huge but because it’s dark and the movies are playing, people are conditioned to be really quiet! All you can hear is plates and utensils. With a group the size of yours, you’ll end up in a “car” with 3 rows and they don’t face each other. That’s another reason why chatting during the meal is restrictive. Just my 2 cents.

We really enjoyed HBD. We did the Fantasmic! Dining Package with a late lunch, and it accomplished three things for us: we got a very nice TS meal, we had a good break during the busiest park hours, and we avoided the Fantasmic! line. Well worth it, IMO.

I love HBD! I would say it is in my top five wdw restaurants. That being said, for me it is all about the food and personally I would be very happy with a plate full of 50’s fried chicken ( eaten in the restaurant or Tune In).

I like all 3, but my picky-eater kids (DS7 and DS9 at the time) did NOT appreciate being told to eat more at 50’s.

I guess kind of depends on what type of meal you’d like. sci-fi great for children, mesmerizing for my grands last trip, they loved it. 50’s is great if you’d like to joke around and be hokey, works best prob with a larger party, I think. HBD is really a lovely, yummy dining experience, but personally one that I’d rather linger over, do a few courses and maybe break the budget a bit.