Brother joining us-need to add 1 person to dining reservations

My brother has decided to join us for our trip the week of April 21st. I have tried to add him to our dining reservations with no luck-even tried calling. I have reservations for 6 people and there will now be 7. And, I messed up our 8am BOG for Sun. April 21 in the process. Now, I only have 3 people booked for that one.

Anyways, if anyone will be dropping an 8am BOG for Sun. April 21 or 8am Garden Grill for Mon. April 22 or 1pm or so Sci-Fi for Tues. April 23, all for 7 people, please let me know! Thank you!!

Have you tried searching for 8? Sometimes the Disney system doesn’t like to play nicely with odd numbers - and as long as someone shows up, you’re not charged a no-show fee.

What about getting him his own reservation at GG and SciFi? At least he’ll be in the door, and most tables do seat even numbers, so he could sit with you. I would at least do that for now.

Then (if you are a TP subscriber) try the Reservation Finder for a party of 7 (or 8). And for BOG, set it for a party of 4. You may have to split up with that one, but again, at least everyone is in the door.

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I didn’t even think to check for 8-thanks for that tip. I tried it and no luck. And, I have tried a reservation for just 1 person, with no luck.

But, I was just now able to get a 2nd BOG reservation for 3 people, and then a 3rd for 1 person. lol So, at least we are all in the door at BOG! Now, I just have to keep working on the other 2.

And, yes, I have already done the reservation finder too, but was just hoping maybe someone had a reservation I needed, and I could snag it quickly from them. Hopefully the reservation finder will come through for me.