Broken changes?


That’s new.


I find your response to be rude.


I found another broken change. In the screenshot below, on my phone, you can see that the blue box showing post count, has moved up covering the post. It only does this when you reach the bottom of the thread. Bit if you scroll up, the blue box moves correctly to the bottom. I don’t recall having this issue before.


Mine moves up and down as you scroll. And any opening post has to be more than 20 characters.


Mine has always done that, it makes it very difficult to read sometimes!


So nobody else is bothered by the “it’s our board and this is how we’re doing it too bad so sad” tone of the reply above?


I wasn’t, no. It’s hard to read tone but if that’s the way it is, you may as well just come out and say so. I am disappointed about the 3 replies rule and I don’t see the point of it (even though it doesn’t affect me).


I too am not bothered but I have posted on another thread that David has helped me many times over the years and he is a Touring Plans “hero” to me. I trust if he is being firm he has a very good reason.


I guess it’s the tone.

I am a rules kind of gal. But this place has never been a “my way or the highway/take it or leave it” kind of place. So that’s what is under my skin.

We, the users, have some concerns about the current formatting and functionality of the forum that we use and contribute to daily. I don’t like feeling disrespected for bringing the concerns forward. And I feel disrespected. Hugely.


:wink: because you are not a chatterbox right? :joy:


Ha no because I’m a mod and it doesn’t seem to affect us, as far as we can tell.


It was a bit of an Eeyore answer but funny in a resigned ‘here we go’ sort of way, hence my initial response. It only addressed the three consecutive posts rules and it only seems to be @LoveBug53 and me falling foul of that. Having been left in ‘time out’ a few times, because I have exceeded the allowed number of consecutive posts, I can say, it isn’t so bad… maybe a bit lonely when not rescued, so feel free to rescue me or even join me sometimes. :slight_smile:


A bit of an explanation why wouldn’t have gone amiss.


I’m sorry @OBNurseNH that you feel disrespected. Tone can be hard to read through written word. I found the reply a bit terse which can easily be interpreted as rude. I haven’t changed the way I use the forum and this ‘3 consecutive replies’ rule must certainly be either new, or newly enforced. I’m definitely affected by it myself and I’m glad you spoke up. :heart:


There can’t be a tone in text.

In this case, I could read it as rude, but I can also read it as several other ways. Perhaps he didn’t mean it to sound rude at all, but it can across that way. Perhaps he was having a bad day, personally. Perhaps a lot was going wrong behind the scenes and in a panic posted quickly and shortly, which came out wrong.

In any case, I’ll err on the side of grace. In the meantime, I do agree the 3 post rule is problematic


I’m sorry, Ryan. But that’s just plain wrong.

I’m glad you’ll err on the side of grace. I for one am rather averse to being smacked down.

Anyway, I’m done with this topic. Don’t ask us in the one thread to help format a new map, and in the other where are trying to help basically tell us to sit down and be quiet.


Sorry, but I also disagree. There is definitely a tone in text.


But, in most instances, doesn’t the reader set the tone rather than the writer?


One reader may interpret it differently than another reader but I don’t think the reader ‘sets’ the tone. The definition of ‘tone’ in literature is the way an author expresses their attitude through their writing.


Yes I agree. Something that’s been written quickly and so is just bluntly getting information across can often look snarky even when that wasn’t intended.


This isn’t literature. I am aware of tone in writing. I am a published author.

But in general, text cannot carry tone, by definition. Rather, readers may infuse into the text tone that the writer may or may not have meant. Authors work hard to learn how to convey this properly. But on forums, most aren’t writing and going through such editing processes.