British chocolate at Tea Caddy Epcot

Anyone know the prices of the English chocolate bars at Tea Caddy in EPCOT like Flake, Ripple, Lion bar etc?
I’m trying to budget in chocolate hahaha. I grew up abroad with this kind of chocolate so would love to have some the day we get to go back to Disney. I recommend them if you like milk chocolate and haven’t tried.
Also what are the prices of the Rowntree pastilles?

Are you not able to get those where you live are you just wanting to enjoy them at EPCOT? I can get all of those at my local grocery store in the US.

We can’t get them in Quebec at our local supermarket, only a select few. We can order them from a Candy factory in another province but have to pay shipping. Does a US supermarket have them near WDW? What’s the name of the supermarket? Maybe we can check it out when there.

Do you have Amazon?

Publix Supermarket at 8145 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821 has a few of the items you mentioned. It is one of several Publix close to WDW.

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I don’t know how the prices in the British pavilion compare, but my wife’s family is German and I’ve traveled to Germany for work and bought candy to bring home. WDW prices in the German pavilion are 2X to 4X more than normal retail.

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I was at the Tea Caddy in January and was hoping to buy some Flakes for my DH and they did not have any chocolate bars in the store. Several of the UK stores are closed and they have consolidated the merchandise into the open stores.
When are you traveling? I will be back in Epcot next week and I will look again for them and let you know.


I do, the Canadian one but I find the prices aren’t always the best or in one case it didn’t arrive.

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Thanks I’ll check it when we go :).

What kind of German candy do you recommend? My husband’s dream is to go to the Bach museum one day. I’ll add try German candy to the list lol.

Thanks so much Dreamer, I’d be curious to
know. I saw a price tag in an old pic - 3.45…not sure if prices changed.

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DH used to travel to Germany on business trips several times, and always brought me the best chocolates. They were in flat shaded blue boxes, but I don’t recall the brand. I just looked online, and I don’t think they were Lindt. I can’t recall if they were German, Bavarian, or Belgian - but they were great!! The hazelnut, the marzipan, oh the delicate truffles! Nothing like I see in the US. Maybe that brand isn’t around anymore? Any idea what they could have been? Maybe I need to start shopping at Aldi’s for German chocolates.

Are you thinking of Kinder? Aldi’s has great German chocolates.

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I walked through The Tea Caddy yesterday specifically looking for chocolate so that I could snap a pic of the prices for you. Sorry to report I did not see any.


This is really sad. I was following this hoping that they’d be available. I love Flake chocolate bars and can’t get them near me either (I’ve looked.) I know Amazon, but you know it’s more fun to get it from somewhere LOL. I get Jaffa cakes from Amazon :plate_with_cutlery:

That is so sweet, thank you!