Bringing Park Tickets With You

I am currently planning a trip for a group of 71 people. I am in the process of linking all of the tickets to our group mde account and customizing magic bands. When we go on our trip, do I need to bring both the cards (tickets) and the magic bands for everyone, or just the magic bands? This is a school trip and since I am the group leader, I am keeping everyone’s magic bands until we get off of the plane, so if I don’t need to bring the card tickets I would rather not.


I would bring the tickets “just in case”.


Wow I can’t imagine trying to organize a trip for that many people…

In theory you don’t really need them, however, with a group that size I would take @PrincipalTinker’s advice and take them. Write each person’s name on the back as well or you’ll never find the right one if you need it. If someone loses or forgets their MB, or there is a problem with the system the card will be the only way for them to get in.

Thanks guys. I will bring them. They are all labeled with everyone’s names.

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I just got back from a school trip like this. I took the cards to be safe and gave them to the kids with their magic bands right before we got off the bus and had them take a picture of the number on both because the numbers were different. This allowed them to have them replaced without me being there if they lost one.

Side note: we made fastpass+ for the kids and printed their selections. We did not allow them access to the website because they would be able to alter others fastpasses and possibly ruin plans.