Bringing a little Disney into Quarantine

Just saw this cute list of Disney-related activities to do during quarantine and thought I’d share with you lovely people :hugs:.

I’d love to brainstorm some other ideas, too!
What are fun WDW-related activities you can think of? Any recipes to make, rides to recreate, or music to listen to? Practice math with the DDP or learn history with Epcot countries?



I should make the kids figure out whether we saved money. (Can’t imagine we didn’t with the way they ordered…6 surf & turf please!..)


Great idea!

Here’s a really cool Mary Blair activity! Wish I was the right age :slight_smile:

FaceTime with a princess! A great idea for performers who find themselves out of work :two_hearts:



Imagineering courses!

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Recreate WDW at home!

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Free animation tutorials!

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This is fabulous. Thank you!!

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We just did these and they are AMAZING!!! There are 10 I think and we only did 3 yesterday! SO MUCH FUN.

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These are so great! Recreating Disney rides at home:

The National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City had to close due to the virus. So they gave the social media account to their security guard, Tim. Who literally knew nothing about “the twitter or the Facebook.” You really have to start from the beginning when he spelled out “hashtag”. :slightly_smiling_face:

He is so sweet and unassuming, and a new twitter star- absolutely priceless. Here he is trying to catch Woody, Jessie and Bullseye moving when his back is turned:


Tim is the only social media guru we need in these times! I love all of his posts :joy::two_hearts:

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Learn how Pixar creates magic!

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It cracked me up when he said someone told him he should do a TikTok, and he posted a clock! I completely believe that he meant to do that. And he does put little nuggets of info in there- the clock was by Andy Warhol.

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Rode Dumbo this morning!

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This is a pretty cool YouTube channel with LOTS of rides:

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