Bring Umbrella Stroller or Rent Double Stroller?

I have a 8, 6, and 3 year old that we’ll be bringing to the parks. We are staying on site and will have a park hopper during spring break of 2015. (only 2 park days)

Is it best to bring an umbrella stroller or rent a double stroller for the 6 year old to sit too? Will renting a double stroller slow me down too much?

We are flying, so we would only consider our umbrella stroller.


Is your 3yo eager to walk, and willing to share said umbrella stroller? My youngest expresses unpleasantness (putting it mildly) when olders take “his” wheels!

Take all three to mall on 12/26. Walk through crowds for five hours or so. See how they handle it. You know your kids best! Enjoy your trip whatever you decide!

When our kids were that age, we brought 2 umbrella strollers and used these white plastic stroller joiners to clamp them together when we needed. I’d frequently “abandon” one of the strollers to stroller parking and reclaim it later when we needed both of them. I have a wonderful picture of both boys - in full pirate regalia - passed out in strollers after a parade. The joiners made it so much easier to push both of them at the same time.

My 3 are the exact same ages as your 3 and we did fine with bringing an umbrella stroller.

We had girls the same age and the six-year-old used the double stroller we rented as much as the toddler. You can easily rent a double stroller from Apple for just the charge of insurance and a cleaning fee. It was $45 for the week. It’s delivered to your resort. Easy and cheap. So glad we had it.


Thanks for all of the replies. One question though: If I have a double stroller rented (outside of the property), I head it’s challenging on the bus? Can I even take a double stroller on the monorail? I thought I read they weren’t allowed on the monorail? Thanks in advance.

The double stroller that Apple rents is a city mini. With one pull-up action it folds up. We used it on the bus to the parks, on the monorail, on the boat from wilderness lodge, on the train in MK, and on the boat to Fort Wilderness.

We used 2 umbrella strollers last week for dd5 and ds1. Cheap one for the baby and more substantial for the kindergartener. We found it more flexible to be able to split up, ditch one etc. and easier to squash them on disney buses. We did have 4 adults though.

Lots of people used the rented double strollers on the buses and monorail no problem. You just have to fold them.