Bring Food Into Table Service Restaurant For Picky Eater?

We have a seven-year-old son on the high end of the Autism spectrum. (Basically, what used to be diagnosed as Asperger’s.) He is very picky due to textures and other sensations and doesn’t like most kid’s food such as mac and cheese or grilled cheese. He LOVES chicken strips/nuggets and french fires, however.

I was wondering if we made table service reservations, would that restaurant allow us to bring in some chicken and fries from a counter service place for our son while the other three of us ordered off of the table service menu.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Disney is fantastic about accommodating food/allergy limitations. If you let the restaurant know ahead of time, when you make your reservation, they likely can make something off menu to meet your little’s needs.

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I don’t know about bringing food in. But I do know Disney restaurants are good about meeting special dietary needs in general. Also lots a TS restaurants have things like nuggets and fries on their kids menus, so check out a few menus and see what’s available.

I’m in the same boat with my 5 year old, @grahamers. My plan is to try to pick TS restaurants that will have something he’ll eat. However, since I make ADRs, I know which ones don’t. I’ve made a note to feed him CS before we get there, and to have a favorite snack in my bag for while we eat. Additionally, most at least have fruit cups or french fries as side dishes, so I can always order him those for him to snack on during the meal if nothing else. I’m also keeping a ton of cereal and snacks in our room so I can use them as needed. I won’t be surprised if that’s the majority of what he eats for the week, supplemented with random fruit, ice cream, french fries, and chocolate milk, lol.

Just remember that only applies to restaurants that order from a menu. At buffets and family style restaurants everyone pays whether or not they eat.

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Good reminder. Thank you!