Bright line canceled

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This never really seemed like an efficient way to get to your hotel from the airport. I doubt it would ran frequent enough to benefit a good number of people.


Oh I was really looking forward to it…

Maybe it was used as an excuse to shut down ME but now Disney can’t compete due to political conflicts. They are still successfully diminishing a positive guest experience. AND Universal is taking the win


While I like traveling by train. Let’s say the train departs MCO every two hours. (You have to remember that the line starts in Miami and I believe terminates in Tampa. And I doubt that Bright Line will have a ton of trains.) Your flight lands at 9:00am,you have to claim your luggage and recheck it on the train. Maybe you are lucky and the train leaves at 10:00, arrives at Disney Springs at 10:30. Then you have to claim your bags and then transfer to a resort bus (which are not equipped to handle luggage). Maybe you get to your resort by 11:00 of everything goes perfect. Now imagine if your flight is late or if you have to wait more than two hours for the train.

Also, I haven’t seen pricing but I can’t imagine it’s less than 25/person.


Ok so we may travel slightly different than you do as we are generally a carry on only family when heading to Disney but since ME went away aren’t people collecting their own luggage…and getting into & out of the rental car is just as time consuming.

One of the biggest reasons I was looking forward to it was options to multiple airports and or access multiple areas.

There is a discussion in another thread about taking a beach day during part of a disney stay this would have made it a bit easier IMO

I can’t disagree with this. I’m hoping the competition gets Disney a kick in the rear


From blog Mickey

“We will put our money and our resources where our mouth is,” said John Sprouls, executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Universal Parks & Resorts, “We want to be part of the solution.” Universal would donate 17 acres for the rail corridor at the convention center.


Good riddance. Brightline has the highest fatalities per mile by far of any U.S. train, due to 100’s of grade crossings.

Because drivers go around them contrary to very visible gates and signals. But sure, that’s Brightline’s fault.


Brightline was never going to be an airport connector. Brightline itself said that. The Disney Springs station was for visitors coming from southeast Florida, as an alternative to driving. But hey, Disney Fewd Blaahg said otherwise so it must be true.

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It was never going to be an airport connector.

Disney cancelled this station because it made very clear that the station land and monetary contribution was contingent on the line west of OIA following the Greeneway (417) alignment. The different central Florida governments and agencies selected the Bee Line alignment, to enable a station at the Convention Center and southern end of International Drive. Which makes sense for a host of reasons, as the Convention Center is a major traffic generator.

Disney might’ve come to some kind of compromise had Ron the Con not blown up RCID, but in light of that, I can’t say as I blame Disney.


Brightline’s tracks had 2 freight trains per day at 30mph, now they have added 16 trains per day at 80mph. The tracks cut through the center of many Florida towns and are not grade separated or properly fenced. This video has just a sample.

It is fair to judge Brightline’s safety standards with its peers. Amtrak Acela has much better separation between the public and its tracks. It has only 11 grade crossings between NYC and Boston and zero between NYC and D.C. The Long Island Rail Road has zero grade crossings (last one removed in 2019) and neither does the NYC subway (last one removed in 1973).

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Ahhhhh, that’s the where the hype came from, and among other vloggers….

You gave me an angle I never thought about (due to said bloggers). I once lived in Fort Lauderdale, briefly, and this would have been a good alternative to driving.

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DFBGuide STILL insists on calling the ILLS at Disney “IAS” or “Individual Attraction Selection” (or worse…“fancy rides”) despite the fact that Disney dropped this terminology before the service was launched and the official name is “Individual Lightning Lane Selection.” I waited, and they still kept using the wrong language. I’ve TWICE emailed them about this, and now, like a year later, they CONTINUE to use the wrong terminology. Yet they continue to claim to want to steer their viewers in the right direction.

I enjoy watching DFBGuide videos, don’t get me wrong…but when it comes to news accuracy, they aren’t a great source. They seem to get things wrong a lot.

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I gave up on them some time ago. Once upon a time they were, to me, a reputable and reliable source for information. Now I feel like they have more of a clickbait feel.

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13 Reasons
Their Episodes
Are NOT Clickbait!!!