Brief feedback appreciated before our FPP window opens tomorrow (8/24)

Greetings Liners! I’m just looking for some brief feedback regarding FPP before my booking window opens tomorrow morning.

First, am I correct in thinking that prioritization for snagging most difficult first is still:

Are there any other “difficult-to-get” FPP that I need to be aware of? Our preferred way to tour is to Rope Drop and hit the morning hard, return to hotel after lunch for rest and/or pool break, return to a park and tour with less structure and more leisure. We haven’t normally (in the past) attended the park with EMH, but plan to this go-around with all the EEMH craziness.

Our dates of stay are 10/23-11/2, with 9 days in the parks. Our tentative plans are:
Th 10/24: AK
F 10/25: HS
Sa 10/26 MK
Su 10/27 Rest Day/ evening @ EP
Mo 10/28 AK
Tu 10/29 EP
W 10/30 Flex Day to do whatever
Th 10/31 MK & MNSSHP
F 11/1 HS

I know it’s not likely practical to be rope dropping the parks every morning that we have scheduled above, despite our preference for it.

I also assume that most of our desired FPP will be gone for the first few days of our stay, and plan to try and snag the really difficult FPP starting mid to later in our stay. Is this a good strategy to pursue? Any other suggestions? Should I try and grab the FEA FP for the evening of our partial day in EP if it’s still available?

Also, if it’s relevant, half of our 9 ADRs are between 11:30 and noon, 2 are mid-morning brunches, and 2 are early dinners.

Thank you, in advance, for all those willing to provide feedback. Wrapping my head around this particular trip seems much more mentally taxing and disorganized for some reason. So many more variables to consider. :sleepy: But it will be lovely, regardless, I’m positive. :blush:

Definitely a good strategy. It’s also worth trying for same day FPs on those rides earlier in the trip.

I don’t think this FP is all that hard to get anymore, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

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You have so many days. Reserve the hard to get FPPs later in your stay since you are onsite, 60+8 for SDD, 60+7 for 7DMT, 60+4 for FOP. Check the Dibbs website to see what should be available.

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Anything I’d suggest is too late now to help, but I hope you had good luck and got what you wanted this morning! We arrive the day after you leave, so our FP day is still a week and a half away. Can’t wait!

My trip is 10/17-10/21, and just did my fastpasses. I woke up early to do fasspasses at 7:00 EST. (Okay woke up a little late, it was 5am here) My MK day was at 61 days and 7DMT was gone. But I scored PPF and Splash. Looked about 4 days later and all 3 were gone. HS at 62 days scored SDD but notice they were all gone by end of day. AK at 63 FoP was my 1st pick and scored. So my only disappoint was no 7DMT, but I expected worst especially since it’s a short trip. I watched TouringPlans FastPass+ Availability the days leading to my 60 day mark so I knew 7DMT was gone before I started so I wasn’t too disappointed.

Just realized the date on this hope it went well!