Bridging Tickets

I am sure I am missing it but here is my situation. I have 5 day tickets purchased in 2017, purchased prior to when they started expiring. These are non expiring tickets. Not purchased from Disney but purchased from a valid well known reseller. I have 2 adults and 1 child. I paid 1024.71 for them. Current 5 day tickets cost 1242.50. I want to upgrade to 7 day tickets. Has anyone tried to upgrade the old non-expiring tickets? Which value do they use for my base?

I haven’t been able to find any accounts of people upgrading old tickets to the new date-based pricing system either. I have a more recent ticket that I want to upgrade.

I found a helpful article on upgrading tickets on Mousesavers

When you upgrade a third-party ticket in person or over the phone, you should be credited with the full advance-purchase price as of the date the ticket was issued, but there are several manual steps involved in handling the upgrade, so it’s possible you’ll be credited a lower amount, most commonly Disney’s wholesale price. This is not a good thing for you, so it’s a good idea to have an idea of what the upgrade should cost worked out, so if you get quoted a higher price you can ask how that price was calculated and see what the discrepancy is.

Here is what Mousesavers says about Non-Expiration tickets:

Tickets with the “No Expiration” option typically cannot be upgraded by adding days or options** , because Disney no longer offers those tickets and they can’t issue new ones. You may be able to upgrade one to an annual pass, or trade it in towards a higher-priced regular ticket, but it’s not guaranteed, and you should expect to be credited no more than the gate price as of the last date they offered that ticket. Usually the best thing to do with these tickets us just use the days on them.

Also this conversation about third-party park tickets upgrades may be helpful.

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