Bridging tickets to AP questions

So … I bought 4 day PH with 3 days free (7 day PH) prior to the ticket price increases in anticipation of a trip we will take a year from this May, looking at May 5th through 12th of 2018. We are also probably going to go again in December 2018.

After that purchase was made, I decided to sort of join my DD and her family on a trip this May, from the 6th through 13th.

As I understand it, if I upgrade my 7 day ticket to an AP during this trip, the AP will expire one year after the first use of the 7 day ticket, which if is on the 6th, that would mean the AP could only be used for the first two days of the May 2018 trip, on the 5th and 6th?

If so, what would be the best way to do this?

You would have to renew your AP for it to cover those days and your December trip. I think you should look at the numbers. You may be better off saving that ticket and buying a ticket at discount now if there are any left to cover this trip.

Hmmm. That’s what I was afraid of.

Well then … I guess I will just need to plan another trip within the year to make the AP worthwhile. Now if I do that, can I use a discount ticket and convert that after this AP expires?

Let’s say, use 7 day ticket this May, convert to AP, and return in the fall.
Get another 7 day discount ticket, then next May, after AP expires, convert that to an AP, and return in the fall or at Christmas time.

What say the wise ones?

(I’m not becoming a Disney addict. I can quit any time. Really. I can. No … seriously!)


Let me see if I understand this: can convert your discounted ticket to an AP (after you use it on day one to lock in the savings) and then use it for another trip in the year. If you then had another two trips planned you could renew your AP (discounted price). I asked about this the other day and was told although you can apply a ticket to an AP you cannot apply a discounted ticket to renewal. I didn’t check the current renewal price after the increase but the renewal discount is usually around $100.

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We are doing the same thing for our kids. I am trying to calculate what I will owe on the balance. Will I get credit for the full price of a current 7 day park hopper, or the full price of the old MYW 7 day park hopper?

I got the current price.