Bridging an old unused 5 day park hopper to 8 day regular ticket

Hey all. I have a question about upgrading a ticket. My mom bought a 5 day park hopper ticket for a trip that we were taking last October (before ticket styles changed) and ended up not going on the trip with us. She is now saying that she probably won’t go at a later time either. We are going for spring break next year. Can I have her ticket transferred to me and then upgrade it/change it to a 8 day regular ticket for use then? Do I have to wait until I’m at the park to do it or could I call and do it over the phone?

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I’m sure Disney will accommodate you. Typically they will apply the VALUE of the ticket (not price paid) toward the VALUE of the ticket you wish to change it to. So, for example, if the 5 Day PH is valued today as $300 (making up numbers here), and an 8-day regular is valued at $350, then they will likely charge you $50 to make the change.

The second part of your question, though, I don’t know. You can call to find out. You might have to do it in person, though. I just have no experience.