Breaks...that don't feel like breaks?

As of right now my mom is still going on the September trip, but after our last one I realize she’s going to need a lot of rest and so I’m trying to build breaks into the plan with her relaxing for long periods (several hours) at the hotel. While she’s there though, I plan on leaving for the parks to get in some solo touring.

My issue is that if she should wake earlier than expected, I don’t want her feeling like she’s missing out on anything while I’m out in the parks. Is there anything I can have her do at the hotel that will feel like she’s not missing out on a “disney vacation” (mostly so I don’t have to run back to the hotel as soon as she wakes up)? She really can’t move on her own power as she’ll need a wheel chair to get around (and be pushed) as well as need oxygen.

We’re staying at Baylake Tower if that has any bearing.

Have you thought about renting a scooter instead of using a chair?

My mom used to use a scooter many years ago. It really increased her mobility and preserved a lot of her independence.

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Well, it’s still hot in September. So staying indoors is probably preferable, and saves energy.

The Contemporary is pretty big. She could browse the shops, get a coffee or tea, just sit and people watch.

Since you’re on the monorail loop, in fact, all three monorail resorts are in easy reach. I love just spending a few hours hopping from Contempo > Poly > Grand Flo and checking out the shops, cafes, and people watching. Checking the places out. It’s so special for us just to set foot in there. I could do most of a day exploring.

I have, but it’s not an option. Mom’s reflexes and comprehensions are not anywhere sharp enough to reliably pilot a scooter (she was having serious trouble figuring out the tapstyles and magic bands at the gate). Which, really, could mean that sitting in the room and watching TV is all she needs, but I’d like to come up with a “plan b” if possible.

Unfortunately, given that she can’t really move under her own power (needs to be pushed in a wheel chair), I don’t see that as really possible unless I’m there.

First off she will already be prepped for the fact you will do solo touring. She may feel as if she is missing out a bit but she will be happy you are getting to do some things on your own.

I know it will be expensive but maybe you can hire a nurse or an aide to sit with her while you are out so she will be taken care of.

something for her to do while you are out. Maybe have a tablet or laptop ready with a Disney movie to watch when she gets up.