Breaks in touring plans

It will be our first trip in October/November and I'm wondering how long, if any time at all, you would recommend I schedule for non-meal in-park breaks? For example on 11/1 we are planning on being at AK from 9am - 4.30pm with lunch from 11.30-12.30 at FTBBQ. What other breaks (comfort, snack or otherwise) would you recommend I schedule? Travelling with DD7 and DS4. Thanks

I found that it worked well to just slow down the TP walking speed. That way we were always a bit ahead of the plan and had time to take breaks whenever we needed one. I think I also added a couple unspecified breaks into spots where the plans had "free" minutes.

We also had a family rule that anyone could request a rest or snack at any time. We preferred frequent breaks to whining. smile It didn't always work, but at least we could use the rule as a reminder to stop and drink some water or sit in the shade at the first hint of whining.


Thank you. Good advice for me to remember. Great tips

I agree with @SallyEppcot ! We scheduled 20 minutes of "Catch-Up Time" a few times per TP, especially leading up to something with a fixed time, like fireworks or a show. That way we wouldn't feel rushed to get to something that had a non-movable spot on the TP.

I also added notes under some of the attractions like "bathroom here" when we were close to areas with washrooms, as a reminder to go while it's convenient. There is nothing like being close to boarding a ride when your DD5 announces she has to go pee. wink Have fun !!

I really like the idea of noting where the toilets are. Will definitely be adding that to my plans. Thank you

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We went back in 2012, our son was 4 at the time. Every day we went back to our room for a nap, we would be asleep by 1 or 2 in the afternoon, for upto an hour and a half. This meant that our days could be longer, we could keep our son out later and it also meant nearly no melt downs. I would also say it felt that the day was longer, which is a good thing our holiday felt like it lasted longer. after our kip we would either head out to another park or go and swim for a while.
We are going next year and taking 4 children with us ages from 7 to 12, we will be doing this again along with more pool, typhoon lagoon or Blizzard Beach time.

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