BREAKING: Complimentary MagicBands for Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Guests

This was included in the big update today. Bummer, but at least you can still purchase them at a discount if you are staying onsite.

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I find this ridiculous and short sighted. And another money grab.

So if I read it correctly, you’ll have to use your phone for everything?



I’m sorry for being frustrated

I really am

But I think I’ve said, over several threads today (and about 10 times in the one thread!), that they are getting rid of COMPLIMENTARY bands. You can still use an old one. You can still purchase one. And if you are staying on site you can still purchase a discounted one.



I am now so glad I bought several of the upcharge ones this past year…

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You’ll still be able to buy those too! :smiley: At a discount, just like you did BC (before covid)

Yes, but they were at a great discount. a $25 band would be $15, for example, because the complimentary one was worth $10 (I guess). I doubt the discount will be that good.

In any event, I have my happy collection!

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Let us pray… :pray:

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I went into the website and I could still order complimentary magic bands for my May 2021 trip. I ordered them just to see what will happen. Complementary ones retail at $14.99 according to the website.

So totally no anger or accusation, but why wouldn’t you want to use your phone for everything? You already need to use it to SEE your FP+, so it seems easy enough to just tap it. I can’t really envision shopping without my phone on me (and use google pay very consistently at home). The only annoying use case I can think of is at the pool bar and maybe with tweens who have no phone. Young kids I was already wearing their magic band.

To me the benefit of the magic band is that you can put away your phone as you head to the line and be hands free as you tap in. Ready to hop on the roller coaster or whatnot.

But at Disneyland we have never had magic bands and it’s been paperless for the last couple years (mobile for admission, MaxPass, and dining discounts) and it works just fine.


I have never used my phone in WDW and I like it like that. Plus being from out of country it cost us more to get a temporary phone plan. I like the ease and convenience of a Magic Band.

Just Disney’s ever increasing plan to ‘nickel and dime’ every last dollar they can out of your wallet.

Universal, your looking better all the time.


Actually, with Universal’s Virtual Lines you have to have a phone for sure now.

I agree with donald263, I have never used my phone whilst on holiday in Disney or anywhere else abroad for that matter, took it the first time and it stayed in the safe during the day, only came out at night to check photos and FP for the next day now I only take my netbook. I am from the UK and its too much of a faff not to mention cost to get one that works in the US.

So for us it will be a step back having to use plastic key to the world cards and cash again.


Or…just use a MagicBand.

I’ll continue to use Magic Bands. I certainly don’t want to pull out my phone all day long. Crazy change!


I posted this to chat but another thought I had about magic bands.

I know you will still be able to buy them, and use them.

However, if/when they start to dwindle away and more and more people rely on cell phone only how will we get the fun perks of the MB such as; Ride photos, Ride videos, Name recognition on a few rides like RnR and IASW, the magical way your food just finds you at BoG???

All those touches were such fun and what made MG actually MAGICAL


The same signal from your phone that your MB sent?

I’m not smart about that kind of thing, so I guess I can’t say for sure. I hope they will stick around

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Yeah I assume there is some technology out there that will work. Maybe just as simple as keeping your blue tooth on. Yet I know security/privacy issues will make people weary. Not to mention battery life…(I’ve already been on amazon buying portable cell phone chargers :laughing: )


New take on Mickey ears, with foil antenna RFID technology