Breakfast Reservations on Early Extra Magic Hours in MK

My family and I (6 adults, 2 kids ages 8 & 10) are going to Magic Kingdom on March 25th 2018. This is the Sunday before Easter. I know that is very much peak timing, but it’s when we can go, so I’m trying to make the best out of the situation.

I had planned to make an 8am reservation for breakfast at Be Our Guest restaurant in hopes of getting on at least a ride or two before the crowds from the Rope Drop arrived in Fantasyland. However, it looks likely that this will be a day that MK opens an hour early for resort guests. My family will be staying off property so cannot take advantage of this perk.

With all that in mind, is it still worth having the reservation for breakfast? Will there already be long lines for the 7DMT or PP by the time we get out of the breakfast due to the resort guests arriving early?

Appreciate any advice.

The lines will certainly be long at 7D. I personally wouldn’t spend valuable Rope Drop time eating breakfast, and-without access to Extra Magic Hours- I’d avoid the MK that morning. Can you get an 8am BOG reservation on a day when the park opens at 9?

Where are you seeing Extra Magic Hours posted (or predicted) already for those dates?

I think MK often opens at 7am for onsite guests at really busy times. All Christmas week, Easter etc.

MK opened at 7am this year on Easter Sunday. The Touring Plans historical data gives park hours too (under historic crowd calendars).

Edit: noticed OP asked about week before Easter. TP also shows EMH for the Sunday before Easter this year too.

I found this out looking at the crowd tracker feature on touring plans website.The Sunday before Easter in 2017, MK had early magic hours starting at 8am, with park opening at 9am. Crowd Tracker is predicting the same for the Sunday before Easter in 2018 (March 25th)

I agree. I planned to be done with breakfast before rope drop. Just wasn’t certain if it would really make much of a difference since the park will likely have Early EMH, so worried won’t get to ride any rides without lines regardless.

Unfortunately, Disney apparently does EHM every day leading up to Easter, so there is no way to avoid them. Whichever day we go that week, MK will open an hour early for resort guests. I chose the Sunday before Easter because at least that has a crowd level of 8 vs a 10 for the next several days.

So do you think having a Be Our Guest reservation at 8am on an EMH day is worth it, or should we just do rope drop?

Since you can’t ride attractions until 9am and if you really want to eat at BOG, go for it. I’d probably then rope drop Lands with attractions that open at 9 and maybe have an FPP for 7D at 9am.