Breakfast Reservations at HS

So I have breakfast ADR in HS for our days there. If we finish breakfast before the park opens, can we go straight to Rotr or Mfsr?

The breakfast is expensive and not worth the money by any means, but if it gets us on Rotr without waiting 90 minutes it would be worth it.

Thanks everyone

Hollywood and Vine is near the front of the park. You’ll just come out and join the end of the line. No advantage. Only do it if you have littles who are desperate to meet the characters.

Unless you have a different breakfast, but as far as I know it’s the only one.


What if I get into the park, and skip the breakfast? Not the most ethical I know, but Star Wars is a cut-throat world lol.

Then you’ll just be in the queue with everyone else. You can get there early and line up without needing a breakfast reservation but everyone will be walked back together. There’s no point wasting your money on a no show fee.

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Ok, I will cancel it…On another day, we have a 9:10 reservation at Oga’s Cantina…Assuming they let us in early to get to our reservation, would this get us on to the ride early?

I don’t know if you’d get in early with a 9.10 reservation. If you did, you’d be first in the queue, assuming they let you line up early.

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