Breakfast recommendations please (non-park, non-TS)

What or where would you recommend for breakfast prior to a day at BBB? Would like to go somewhere as opposed to just eating in room. Not a TS, but happy with a QS or snacks (we're on DDP). As we're from the UK we're likely to be up early and thought we could use this time to explore other areas of Disney (DTD, Boardwalk, another resort) as well as getting some breakfast. I would welcome any suggestions that you have. Thank you

At DtD, I would probably head to Earl of Sandwich, or the Boardwalk Bakery at BW. All resorts have CS options for breakfast, and the meal options are pretty similar. I might pick where you want to explore and just eat there! Where are y'all staying? Sounds like a fun morning of adventure! Enjoy!

Staying at AKL for two weeks, so we'll have lots of time to explore there. Want to make sure that we get out and see lots. Thanks for the tips on breakfast.

I've read that the Wolfgang Puck counter service location in DTD has nice breakfast items that are a great value.

Thank you. I will also look into that. I've also heard that there is good value.

AKL is the best resort to explore, so much to to do there! If you decide to check out another hotel, GF is so beautiful. Love BC, CR and WL as well. I don't think you can go wrong!