Breakfast poll

But - blueberry bacon pancakes are already there and have been. It doesn’t sound like there are any actual changes to A&C from this since IIRC all of those sides are available too (maybe not the biscuit and gravy?)

Are you reading it as three meal times?

When they had the buffet were there some items not offered a la carte?

I did not read it as three meal times.

That being said the “breakfast” menu had some very not-breakfasty items (and drinks) on it.

I didn’t know it was a buffet at one time?

Edited - Oh I see they are moving to a buffet. Interesting.

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They had the same set up as the Wave (before the name change?) for breakfast: you could do a la cart or the buffet. Then they had lunch and dinner.

This sounds like a return to that? Maybe not-

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I wonder if altering to buffet is one way to free up some staffing to be able to re-open the other restaurants mentioned in that same release.

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Oooh, I’m glad y’all hashed that out because I totally glazed over the “buffet” part of that paragraph. And all that changing 1/31 doesn’t give me a whole lot of time to pivot if we switch to A&C and don’t like the changes. Blah. Well I guess if the regular à la carte menu is still available, then that would be fine

I will also share my evidence in favor of Ale & Compass:
Salted Caramel Apple French Toast
New Englander
Truffle Fries with Shallot Mayo
DM had shrimp and grits (she let the server pick for her…I don’t seem to have a photo)

We had to modify and cancel on our reservation because I was having bad day. But, when we were finally ready for breakfast, the walk up list was open and we waited maybe 15 minutes!


Omg. I’ve got to try that French toast.


And here’s the A&C shrimp and grits:

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I had that dish before. Would that remain on the breakfast menu if there is a separate lunch menu?

There’s a separate lunch menu up on the website now…so I think it would stick to the breakfast menu!

Ok, there are four (4) entrees on the current breakfast menu (buffet is not listed yet) that are lunch entrees?

I voted the Ale and Compass since I’ve eaten there and we loved it. We thought about Trattoria but the menu didn’t appeal to me as much.

:rofl: Reminds me of this “real life” prince drawing series that was floating around a few years ago.


And don’t forget elevensies!

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Ha ha

It’s just so rare meeting princes and Eric has a giant fluffy dog which is what makes him the most attractive.


i mean, it’s a nice picture and all, but i totally agree with you on the dog front