Breakfast or dinner

Would you do breakfast or dinner at CRT. have two daughters who are going to boutique at 1030…so could do breakfast right before or wait and go dressed up for dinner


When are you going? That might make a difference. If its in the summer the makeover and hot costumes may not make it until dinner time lol.

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January 7-14

Oh well that’s a good timeframe for it to last at least. It probably comes down to how big of a kick they will get out of being all dolled up when meeting the princesses vs how likely they are to keep their hair up and costume on. If they are nappers or swimmers in the afternoon that might be fairly difficult to do.

How about lunch right after? That is what we did and my niece loved being dressed fancy when meeting all the princesses. The dress came off about 1hr after lunch!

That’s a great idea. Sometimes you just can’t see the obivious. Do you think 11:45 lunch is ok with a 10:30 reservation? That’s all that’s left

I think so. We were done in 45minutes and you just need to walk across the breeze way.

Dressed up for dinner. I have always heard the value is better at dinner