Breakfast options w/o ADR at MK pre-rope drop

I’m planning to rope drop MK on 4/25. The park has EMH that morning and opens at 8 am. I’m planning to arrive at the park between 7 and 7:30 and I’d like to have something more filling than granola bars for breakfast. Are there any quick service food options open inside the park along Main Street before they allow guests past the castle? I’ve seen the Main St. Bakery generally opens at 8. Will it open earlier for EMH? TIA!

You won’t be able to get into the park until 7.45-50. I’m not sure if it opens immediately or if it’s strictly 8am but not much difference either way.

oh ok. So you have to wait at the turnstiles until that time? I haven’t been since 2010 so the new entry procedures have me a little confused.

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Yes, you can get in the park at 8am for a 9am opening (Main St only) but for an 8am opening they don’t open at 7am, you’ll wait till at least 7.45.

Thanks for clearing that up!

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No problem :blush:

We have a 9AM open day and have the same question about breakfast options on Main Street before RD. Anyone have a favorite for a breakfast sandwich, etc? DS17 eats continuously so a granola bar isn’t gonna cut it.

I have never tried it but Main Street Bakery has a breakfast sandwich.

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The Plaza does breakfast, I think it’s TS though. @PrincipalTinker has eaten there this week.

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We did a light breakfast and hit up Sleepy Hollow for waffles after 9am.

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The review below compares Main Street Bakery and Sleepy Hallow breakfast