Breakfast on Mainstreet

MK 9am opening, no EMH. We’d like to eat breakfast on Mainstreet between 8 and 9. Trying to figure out options. Is there a list somewhere?

Starbucks (Main St Bakery). The Plaza ice cream parlour and Casey’s both opened for breakfast when the new opening procedures started, but I’m not sure if they still do, I have an inkling that they stopped.

ETA I just checked, Casey’s now opens at 10 and the ice cream parlour at 11, so Starbucks it is.

i think breakfast is a real issue in most of the parks. We are planning on going to HS for EMH which start at 7am, So no resort breakfast available first, and really strugglign to find somewhere suitable for my gluten free son. I emailed disney some time ago re gluten free options at woodys lunchbox and dont have an answer as yet.

Have you thought about getting some GF options the night before and just have those for breakfast? I absolutely LOVE the GF rolls you can get at the TS restaurants.

may have to be an option, but we are on the dining plan so a bit of a waste. will try and see if can get some snack credit items at disney springs

We had lots of food left over from the night before when we went last year from places that weren’t buffets. Using snack credits for breakfast items is a good use of credits.