Breakfast Items Wishlist for Value Resorts

I keep hoping the value and moderate resorts would add pancakes and French Toast back to their menus. I do like Mickey Waffles, but other choices would be great. Anyone else wishing for certain food items to be added back to value resort menu?

Pop had a mahi sandwich at one point and it was the saving grace of my trip when I was under the weather. It was spicy and just about the only thing I could taste. I really hate that they standardized and dumbed down the menus. And they did that preCovid.


Hi @Luv2adoptStitch! Haven’t seen you around in a long while! Hope you are well :hugs:

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I know! I just didn’t think they could dumb it down any further.

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I’m doing well, thanks. I’ve been lurking around more in chat and Facebook lately.

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Variety - any sort of variety, please. I hate that all the menus look basically the same. This past summer trip, my kids almost stopped eating b/c they were burned out.

Side note - pre covid, I went to get a later night snack at Pop. The adorable guy at counter got super excited when I ordered wings and inquired about sauce options. He said he had made up a combo that he really loved, and asked if I wanted to try it. It sounded fabulous, so I said yes and it was just as yummy as he described. I’ll never forget his enthusiasm. I miss variety and new things.


We stayed at AoA in Dec and was not impressed with limited menu at resort. Going back in May and really questioning my decision to stay at AoA again due to resort food options. I did look at the Pop menu which offered a few different options so I think we may walk over there for supper some. I have several lunch table serve Mels planned but breakfast is concerning. I love mickey waffles but we will be there a week and would also like to eat something else a few mornings. I staffing the reason for such limited menus?

That and I think that less options means less spoilage. So, less waste. The more items there are on a menu, the more likely it is that things won’t get used and then thrown away.

We’re also staying at AOA in May. We booked a family suite, so at least will have a microwave to use. I used to think that shortage of staff might be the reason, but not sure if that’s the case. Also, at one time I would have even gave them a pass and chuck it up to not being able to get the ingredients due to food supply issues. But, now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Pancakes and Waffles come from the same ingredients only have to add milk, eggs, oil, or water depending on which one you’re making. @ninjasherrie, There’s also less waste of food now, with mobile ordering being implemented.

You also have to consider waste of uncooked ingredients. That’s what I was referring to more than anything. The more items a menu has, the more variety of raw ingredients you have.
But in the specific pancakes vs waffles thing, I suspect it has more to do with the holding capability of pancakes, which is slim to none.
Even with mobile order, they need to cook a slight buffer so they are not constantly behind the 8 ball. Pancakes do not hold well at all. They would have to cook them to order for each guest which is disruptive and puts everything else behind.

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I really wouldn’t mind it as bad but I’m taking my whole family. DH (who hates Disney, not sure how that happened), oldest DD (always only wants the best), new SIL (hasn’t been before), youngest DD (completely easy going, love it), GS (first time but picking eater). When it came to time for booking my trip I had to make sure I had character meals, good food, and a lot of variety. It was hard not to mention expensive.

Good point!

We’re you able to get any Character Meals? I did manage to get Chef Mickey’s, Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast, and Hollywood and Vine Breakfast.

Yes. I got Chef Mickey’s, Hollywood and Vine, and Garden Grill.

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