Breakfast in the parks

We will be headed to the parks in late January 2018. I want to schedule breakfasts to get us into the parks early. The breakfast would be more of a bonus with the main point being: we are fed and have a jump on lines. However, now that Main Street is open early, is there still an advantage to early breakfast?
Also, what are the best spots for breakfast before park opening? I don’t want to break the bank and we are off site (not planning on breakfast with cindy). Willing to splurge here and there. Any suggestions?

MK best Pre RD breakfast option is Be Our Guest. You can usually get one or more rides on 7DMT before the crowd gets there. Be sure to pre order.

I enjoyed BOG in June. On our day, they didn’t run either 7DMT or PPF before park opening, but you were able to get in line for mine train and stand in a group right next to PPF (like it’s own special rope drop). Even though we didn’t get a Pre RD ride, it was still a great advantage already being behind the castle and ready to go. Also lovely to see that part of the park so empty.