Breakfast in the Hotel Room

We all do it - anyone have any hot tips or suggestions for best breakfasts you make yourself in the hotel room?

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We order a box of donuts, single serve cereal in the bowls, milk, juice, bananas, and yogurt. More than enough for us for a week since we do enjoy QS or TS breakfast a few times during our stay as well.

“make”? If you consider a bowl of cereal “making breakfast”… that’s what we did.
Quick, easy. Fast cleanup. And cheap!
We also got bagels, butter, fruit and juice.

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My only tip would be to shy away from sugar bombing your breakfast. You can pretty much guess what the kids who are throwing tantrums at 10am had for breakfast. It’s a pretty simple equation. We get a decent cereal, milk, plastic bowls and spoons, and bananas. That and a few handfuls of peanuts make for a decent breakfast just to get out the door for RD, and line us up for a early lunch and one good (bad) snack type of thing before dinner - probably followed by another good (bad) treat.

Yup. Exactly.

Ha - I use the coffee maker for Hot Water for oat meal. We do the “cereal thing as well” however we also do bread and Nutella. My wife packs the bread as our "little travelers are very (read TOO) specific about the bread they like. She however packs it in a SHOE BOX - so it doesn’t get squished - she is so smart. But we love doing breakfast in the room - it is a bit less hurried and a little more relaxing.


I had a chewy granola bar (oatmeal raisin) as a simpler version of raisin bran. No hassle with milk, bowl, spoon, etc. Not a coffee drinker. I grabbed a bottle of Diet Coke as my morning caffeine, which I could take with me on the bus and discard when empty. It was adult-only trip, and I’m a morning person who did RD each day. For me, this worked well.

DW and I typically have a piece of fruit and a granola bar or pop tart in the room (neither of us like big breakfasts first thing in the AM). Then after an hour or so of touring, we’ll make a quick stop for some sort of “breakfast pastry” in the park.

I’m a big fan of mini baybel or string cheese or yogurt in the mornings.


I bought a small blender to make my protein shakes😇

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We’ll be traveling to Disney later this year for the first time as a family with our DD who will be 6, and our DS who will be 4. We’re planning to take/order oatmeal packets, some of the healthier versions of pop-tarts my kids like (they don’t need them heated), cereal, fruit & fruit cups, granola & fig bars, and I will probably make a double batch of mini blueberry muffins and carefully pack them. I’ll probably also pack some of the small whole grain tortilla wraps, smear them with peanut butter & fill with banana & dried cranberries. My husband and I will bring our favorite coffee & creamers too. Luckily for us, me and the kiddos all love peanut butter & jelly or peanut butter crackers and can be pretty satisfied with that for lunch, along with some fruit or fruit pouches, and we might do hummus & veggie sticks too. If you haven’t tried them, a company called Nature’s Bakery makes whole wheat fig bars in strawberry, fig, blueberry, apple cinnamon & seasonally, pumpkin. They come 2 to a pack and I think they are not only really tasty, but they are filling too.

I’m traveling with @travelstovegas!!!

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Ha ha ha, @Tigger613! A joke we have in my family is that my husband is the “fun” parent & uncle because he plays and jokes a lot, but I am always the one who has the snacks & bandaids! :smile:

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HA same (but opposite). MOM is the fun one and dad is the “planner” guy. They will learn that you can have the FUN when the planner has taken care of all the “UNFUN” things!!!

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