Breakfast In Parks

Hi everyone,
Are early breakfast reservations a good way to get ahead of the rope drop wave?

Are there any cons with making an 8am breakfast reservation at a park that does not open until 9?

If you want to do FOP at RD, a breakfast ADR will put you way behind the pack.


Hi, the two breakfast reservations that give you an advantage are Be Our Guest, which will get you ahead of the rope drop crowd for 7DMT. On non EMM days there is a possibility of riding 7DMT more than once, but no guarantee. The other is Garden Grill at Epcot. This may get you several rides on Soarin or first in line for FEA.

A distant 3rd is Hollywood and Vine which gets you early sign up for Jedi Training.

Akershus will also get you ahead of the line for FEA and/or the meet and greet there.


We did breakfast at BOG before RD, we were finished riding 7DMT as the RD masses were getting in line. Also great walking down Main Street and getting pictures taken in front of the castle without huge numbers of people.

Only negative is having to get your late rising family out of bed in time to get there.


I’ve seen posts where people have 8am PPO and 9:00 opening and then they changed the opening to 8:00. Beware if you are going at a busy time of year, that can happen.


We did 8am Garden Grill and we were out at 8:45 and rode soarin twice before rope droppers got there.

This change to an earlier opening caught us a couple of times with the (alleged) pre park opening ADR - a couple of trips ago. It’s tough to be walking out of your early breakfast expecting to see guests held at rope drops and instead hordes are rushing willy nilly thru the park.

We’ve switched to late breakfast.

Thanks everyone! Your comments are very helpful.

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