Breakfast food availability at H&V for 10:30 res

We have a 10:30 H&V breakfast…a little late but works for us on that particular day. We enjoy the spread they offer but noticed breakfast is until 10:45 and lunch starts at 11…what if it takes a few minutes to get seated? Will they start switching the buffet to lunch food before we’ve had a chance to eat? Or maybe leave one side as breakfast for those finishing up?
We aren’t interested in lunch there…specifically booked it for breakfast…

We booked this way intentionally, hoping to be able to try both breakfast and lunch offerings. They gradually change out the items going down the line. When my husband went to get food for himself and our boys, there were mostly breakfast offerings. When I went up just a few minutes later, it was half lunch and a little under half breakfast items left. By the time we went back for 2nd plates, it was all lunch. You could definitely miss out on some of the breakfast items though, as they pull some to replace earlier than others. My husband was upset when he went for dessert, the thing he wanted had been taken away and they couldn’t bring it back out.

If you really only want breakfast, you may be disappointed with the 10:30 reservation. You could try to check in early, but you may still run into change over trouble.